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Innovation or revolution?

Our concept is based on the proven internal combustion engine (ICE) experience. Although some believe this technology is dead and belongs to the past, on the contrary, recent searches show that a huge potential can be obtained using a combination of old- and advanced technology.

Cheap but reliable engine

Based on an internal combustion concept, our engine is conceived to remain cost-beneficial. It does not require the usage of costly components, the production of which can be highly polluting.


Although some innovations require mechanical adaptation and advanced tuning, most parts have been mastered for years. Existing manufacturing tooling can be used further, and no costly labour is required for the production and assembly.

moteur puissance.png


Converting a fossil fuel based engine towards hydrogen always involves downgrading the power-to-weight ratio. This is due to the size of the hydrogen molecules combined with the pollution constraints (mostly NOx).


We have resolved this issue, and our engine generates similar- and in some cases higher power than diesel engines (of same capacity!) without pollution.


Some engine technologies today require heavy additional equipment like batteries to respond to quick load variation.


We do not have these constraints in that our engine is, by default, reactive unlike fuel cells for example.

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moteur nox.png


Not only does our innovation meet the decarbonation objectives, but our pollution levels are at an all-time low. Latest measurements show NOx levels at 0,1 g/kWh, one of the lowest for internal combustion engines.

The growing interest and achievements for a clean hydrogen production, combined with our technology, is opening doors towards an almost pollution-free mobility and power generation.

Available at the right time

The increasing and threatening air-pollution worldwide forced most countries to adopt more and more stringent regulations on engines emissions.

Our technology is ready to meet the market demand, that will expand exponentially.

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