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The demand for clean engines is only at the very beginning.

The environmental constraints on engines are huge. There are millions of engines out there that do not meet the new pollution requirements.

In Europe alone, more than 3.4M heavy trucks over 5 years old are still on our roads.

Our innovation is applicable to new engines as well as to old ones (via a retrofit activity). The markets that we will address include industries involved in power generators, trucks, buses, boats, trains, … There will be big business associated with these changes.

Will these customers make it through these environmental constraints ?

Indeed, they all need to adjust to the new environmental constraints BUT they also need to care for their finances and Total Costs of Ownership. And costly and/or slow-recharging systems will not apply to them.

We have reinvented the wheel in that we have identified and demonstrated a new way of using hydrogen inside combustion engines so as to generate similar power as diesel  (and sometimes even more power), but without the pollution downsides. This is not a fuel cell, nor an electric engine, this is a real, proven and well-mastered internal combustion technology.

Sometimes, real innovation lies in simple things. 


After 4 years of work, we have reached a TRL 4 with our static prototype. Our approach has proven its technical capabilities and expected outcome. We have partnered with several engineering companies as well as with industrial suppliers. We will reach a TRL 6 by 2024 - 2025.

We are now looking for investors to accompany us upgrading our technical maturity further. Some public institutions are already ready to help us financially.

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