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Retrofitting diesel engines towards hydrogen becomes a real option

Industrial customers in most fields are forced by legislation towards cleaner energy production.

Upgrading their existing infrastructure will be costly, except in the case of retrofitting.

Is it technically that simple?

Indeed, it is possible to modify a diesel engine to hydrogen while keeping over 90% of the entire engine body.

Several mechanical changes are required and have been properly documented.


Thanks to our approach, the customer will not suffer a power downgrade and will enjoy an overhauled and non-polluting engine.


Is that a real source of business ?

Retrofitting will become a new revenue source for workshops, since the number of internal combustion engines in service is huge and will need to adjust to the environmental constraints.


Retrofitters will emerge as mechanical specialists developing new lines of service. Maintenance will also become an additional source of revenue for these workshops. This is a new industry that is emerging.

Is that a real source of business ?

We are looking for partners ready to embrace such a future and help customers continue their business while matching the new environmental constraints.


Contact us for a meeting and we will explore the options together.

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